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Flying Wings Bongo & Hornet.

The bongo & Hornet from Flying Wings are two great EPP indoor models that I would recommend to any one starting out, in indoor flying. There EPP construction make them almost indestructible, and this makes for lot’s of air time, as you get to grips with this style of flying. 


I brought my Mini Bongo at the start of last season (07) & I have flown & flown this model ever since. Such is it agility that it can be flown in a space as small as a single badminton court. On the other hand it can happily cope with a gentle breeze outside.

For this season I've invested in the Hornet, a more conventional looking aircraft that will be my main model for the season. With it I hope to improve my flying skills, relying on its EPP bounce ability!

The first few flights of this model have not disappointed, the only change I've needed to make was to change the battery packs from 2 to 3 cells, and re-prop the motor with a GWS 7x3.5 prop. As my C&k motor needed a little more pulling power.

The Hornet is fast proving its self to be an ideal model for improving my aerobatic indoor skills in a busy indoor airspace.


More on these model to come.