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T & J Models Gloster Meteor T.7 Short Kit

The Meteor was the Allies first operational jet, and it is still in service today.This version has a 51.6" wing span and is designed for twin Minifan 480, running brushless motors on 4S Lipo's. Construction is traditional balsa and plywood.

This is the build of my kit. It may take me some time to finish But once it's done it will represent WL419 in all her glory

So lets start at the beginning, as any one who knows me will tell you, the greater part of the models I have built, have a connection to the Martin Baker Aircraft company. To data we have built models of the Martin Baker MB2 & of course the ultimate MB5. My last model was a Douglas DC3 Dakota, done as their long time company run about.

Therefore it was only going to be a mater of time before I would tackle the Gloster Meteor T71/2.

So there we were one night in 2009 scanning through the forums on RCGroups as you do. When I came across a thread by Jim Young of T & J Models. Jim as it turned out is the US equivalent of the likes of Chris Golds or Tony Nijhuis in this country (the UK). But what court my eye was the photo of Bakers black & gold Meteor WA638. 

Now at the time I wasn't considering starting on a Meteor, but due to the subject matter I was hooked. Over the coming mouths a conversation started between us, which eventually lead to my good self travelling to the Weaksignal Model Show in Toledo Ohio. There waiting for me was one of the first short kits, produced by Jim.

The previous year Jim's Meteor had taken 3rd place in it's class at the show, competing against gas turbine models. It just goes to show that Jim's designs have true class. As a special treat I meet up with Jim and visited his home to have a close up look at his model.


If you ever get the chance I would recommend a trip to Toledo for the Weaksignal show. The range & quality of models on show, plus the trade stands is first rate. Then if you more modelling in one day take a trip to the local high school for the indoor ETOC championship.

Well that's enough of my ramblings, let's get started on my build.         


The starting point is the tail group, with all CNC cut components it goes together quickly. The only trick bit is silver soldering the elevator linkage.  



Under Construction thank you! :^)

 I will update this page one day soon ish. until then I place the photos in the gallery.


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